These 7 Songs Are All You Need During Your Next Freak Session.

Give me a minute lemme clean this cum off me…

Hey Queerfolk, wossop! There’s nothing as disgusting as sex without some moaning and groaning. Oh, wait! There is! There’s nothing as boring as sex or a head without some music. I personally like to give head according to the rhythm of the song playing…don’t judge my freakiness..I was born this way. Lemme share with you my sex playlist….yes, I’ve one!

These songs will get you in the mood next time you’re under the covers with bae…or baes if you’re a freak like me.


Jerimih is the king of sex! Dude has a ton of sex songs but I personally lust this one. Jerimih goes on a no holds barred lyrical masterpiece.

Lights low, get lit

Get drunk, clothes off

Mouth closed, take dick

Weed loud, twist up

Lace up, legs up

Throwback, look back

Woosah, get that

Sex With Me

Is there a playlist without RiRi on it? Riri in ANTI gets her freak on with Sex With Me. The title speaks volumes. Well I might be quoting or not but all I know is “Sex with me, so amazing ”

Earned It

This was the ultimate sex song in 2015. Upon the release of the soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey, Earned it climbed the chats and made us climb our beds. Wait! I jerked off to it once i guess! Who can remember? Anyways, the Weekend spoil the song top….Weekend please come spoil my bed top too errr…

Body Party

The year was 2017. The month was…..My crazy ass called in sick at work since i was expecting a hookup. Dude comes around and tunes the tv to the music channel. Things got heated and this song comes on. What this dude did with his lips…Body Party has remained a favorite sex song…the dude too👅


Bad boy Ginuwine asks you to ride the shii if you want it. There’s no subtlety in the lyrics of this song. All you got to do is ride it, cowboy/cowgirl style.

Neighbors Know My Name

Y’all be outing people with your moans and Trey Please-Dick-Me-Down Songz gets you ready to shout Dzaddy’s name when it touches your heart…

I Feel It Coming

See! Some things don’t need explanation. Nuff said!! The Weekend did this one on the Starboy album.

So…next time you want to get down and dirty….just put the tracks pon replay! queer away!


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